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We Create Paths by Walking – 2016

What is the future of sustainable fashion?

It is said that one should walk at least 10,000 steps a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For this sustainable project, I therefore explored the idea that walking could be the ultimate future of a sustainable lifestyle over the idea of cycling.

The book “We Make the Path by Walking” by Paul Gaffney compiles a series of images on nature suggesting that we gradually create and leave a trail or a path by repetitively walking on the same place and through this destroy growth of the natural habitat.
Inspired by the negative idea of this destruction, I looked into laziness and cosy-wear whilst collecting unwanted yarns, wood and scrap fabrics from previous seasons by designers which I then used to creating my own textiles and “trails” on the body.

To create less waste during the design process, I used 3D scanning technology and scan my design development. I then further developed the project using 3D animation as a digital process to avoid producing waste such as unnecessary fabric to drape. All materials used are sustainably collected and reused.

Model: Julia López Martínez