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Design Project – 2016

Suburbia is an outlying area that often seen as dull and ordinary, where most can call it home. It is a place where we repeatedly wonder and seeking ideas for living in city. Yet it is also a place where adult retreats from society to seek for comfort. ‘The Pursuit of the Suburban Happiness’ aims to seek the simplest form of imaginative happiness from children with autistic spectrum and their way to communicate through their acts of wonder. This was explored by looking at photography that captures autistic moments and developed through my experimentations on body. As suburbia is a place of serenity and self-reflection, the photographs itself creates a connotation that allows the photographer to self-reflect himself through his muse (his son). With that in mind, this was taken into my development of reflecting within mirrors to capturing selective details, and artists that explores suburban and architecture was also utilise to develop material samples.

The final outcome is a curated exhibiting space with my films and samples from this project that utilises minimal lights and sounds.

Model: Jessia Lloyd
Photography: Giovanni Corabi