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Tailoring Project – 2016

The starting point of this project comes from a video of a couple whon decided to leave the city and build their home in the woods with found materials to live an organic lifestyle. “Masked” is a manner of stripping down one’s character to the underlying feeling that explores individuality. It is an exploration in particular door to door salesman who has then chosen to live simple in the woods. I attempt to understand what would people be doing to live easy in a home like that, hence woven samples and steam bending wood is derived from such dry yet simple and serenity environment. I’ve also explored hard-tailoring through redefining what is contemporary tailoring. As I believe contemporary tailoring is a fusion that involves modern take of sculptural elements into traditional tailoring methods. Hence through my development it consisted shapes and textiles that combines and used to support the exterior through building the underlying shape.

The final outcome is sculptural jacket and a partly-woven tailored trouser, all done by manual labour, handcrafted and machines that are not powered by electricity.

Photographer: Amy Yuemeng Dang
Model: Shermmaine Telan