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Muse Project – 2015

‘Where the wild things are’ is a project that gives us an opportunity to explore our own ideal muse and design for her. My identified muse would be the the kind of girl that is considered rebellious because of her oddity to the norms. She is very into her own quirky world, a little bit awkward, day dream a lot and would even stared at things for hours. She is the girl that you would say she is very clumsy, and naive, yet shy to others. I wanted to express her enclosed world into through her appearance. As I imagine my muse would struggle to get out of a tangled jumper as she gets out of the bed.

I have also created a mask as a mini outcome, that would connotes to the idea of being sloppy and awkward, as the mask would seems to be “dragging” and “drowning” the action of the wearer.