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Jewellery Project 2015

‘Lemon-Aid’ is a collaborative project between womenswear students with jewellery students to propose a plan to promote our design & the team for London Fashion Week. Our team started off exploring the idea of never ending and found that lemon powers electricity circuits. We developed this motif into our designs, as a group we produced one fully styled look with accessories produced by the jewellery students and the garment by womenswear students.

Initially, we wanted to make a parody for Apple Store (Apple Inc, Computers & Electronic Company), as they used to sell clothes in the 80s. But as the project progressed, we decided to rebrand ourselves as a new found company named ‘iLemontosh’ for the presentation.

Womenswear Students: Samson Leung, Alek Lassement, Margaux Lalann, Crystal Wang, Matilda Söderberg
Jewellery Students: Rosanna Batt, Annie Kim, Arturo Gimeno
Film and Art Direction: Samson Leung
Photography: Matilda Söderberg and Samson Leung