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Denim Project – 2015

‘Cosy Overload’ is a project that focuses primarily on denim & its history. I started my project by looking Levi’s ‘Laundrette’ and ‘Bath’ commercial for their 501 shrink to fit jeans. I took one of my bad habits: whenever I’m cold, instead of switching the heating system on, I would use a hair dryer to warm myself whilst wrapped in a blanket.

The idea was developed onto designing a shrink to fit furniture covers that infused elements of garments detailing. Hence ergonomic position for chairs was considered onto the design of the garments. My designs was then develop by looking at photography that based with household furniture, in particularly chairs. As these were inspired into creating samples through traditional and experimental chair upholstery method. Whilst experimenting with household items on body.

In the end, I created a glove as a mini outcome that would protect my hands from the heat when warming myself.